Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ruining Christmas

Last night, less than a block from home, an Expedition coming toward us in the dark, laid on his horn. A split second later a little dog came into view right in front of us. Mr. X stomped on the brakes and we heard the ABS brakes do their job.

I jumped out of the car and just about fell on my backside from the black ice beneath my feet. I called to the dog who happily came running. I scooped the little beagle up, asked the pedestrians around if they recognized her, and then took her home - to my house.

Since our lease explicitly says no animals, and I'm fighting a cold (NO door knocking) we took the dog to the pound. She was really pleased with her adventure until the scent of the air became very unfamiliar.

When we arrived at the shelter she jumped on Mr. X, who held her and told her all about the place: "this is where dogs go when they get lost; they'll help you find your owner, and it's warm inside". Poor Mr. X; he had flashbacks of his days as an Animal Control employee. He reminded me that his boss specifically avoided sending him to dog jobs.

Anyway, the dog's safe and warm. But I just took a chunk out of someone's Christmas budget; it's a minimum $85 to get her out. Yeah, I'm the jerk who just ruined Christmas.

If it makes you feel any better, the Corolla's check engine light turned on this morning. How's that for carma?


  1. i'm interested in hearing about how the check engine light pans out...

  2. I think you saved Christmas. If my doggie was lost I would easily pay 85 dollars to get her back. Can you imagine the hard ache of the owner finding out that their dog had been hit by a car. and it is a beagle no less....they usually run away.

  3. If I had 85 I'd easily send you a new beagle to replace the one that "fell into your lap" for Christmas. I think it's name was "Little Christmas Wish - Petey's toy friend".
    So sad about Mr. X at the shelter. :(
    My dogs fence is now adorned with Christmas lights in celebration and sorrow of the lost Christmas pup. I hope he finds his way back to the Corolla. :)


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