Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Letter: Day 2

March found us in Fairbanks, visiting Mr. X’s sister’s family, where we enjoyed seeing family, the dogs, ducks and chickens, the Fairbanks Ice Festival and Chena Hot Springs. We had perfect -25 degree weather (Mr. X is happy to be able to count up to twenty still, retaining all his very important digits). We would have packed a dog or two home (and maybe a chicken, aside from the ones we ate), save for the shipping cost (unbeknownst to many, chickens don’t like to travel light) and apartment rules “No Dogs or Chickens Allowed!” It’s amazing how specific and adaptable landlords can be about rules.

Sarah’s mom came to visit us in June. We had lots of fun showing her around town, and touring the Mount Roberts Tram and the Tracey Arm Fjords. We attended a very interesting social in which we met a very large and amiable Marmot who told rather entertaining jokes and stories, (over hors d’oeuvres), which tended to be decidedly droll or low brow or both.

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