Monday, January 28, 2013

Fireside Chat

Friday night it was a packed house at the Mendenhall Visitor's Center for the Fireside Chat. The week before, when the lecture was WWII environmental impact on Attu (the Aleutians), Mr. X and I were the only folks under 50 in attendance.

This week's lecture was on Juneau to Skagway via the Juneau Ice Field. Three guys took the trip last spring and two of them were there to say it was tough but doable. 115 miles, 12 days, blizzards, feet of snow. No technical climbing though and one guy didn't even use his crampons. I think it sounded like fun. Except for the cold part.

Apparently, the route from Juneau to Atlin is shorter and you just ski the last bit across Atlin lake. So, Dad, I stand corrected. When Juneau is attacked (?). Mr. X and I can get to Canada...maybe. The guys said the toughest part was getting on the icefield. We would need to ascend Blackerby ridge, which we've been too chicken to attempt thus far.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Police Blotter

In September:
Motor Vehicle Crash

• At 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, 31-year-old {Jane Doe} was arrested for failure to provide immediate notice of a motor vehicle crash, reckless driving, and resisting arrest on the 2800 block of Mendenhall Loop Road. She was lodged at LCCC on $3,000 bail.

She has since been charged with Felony Assault 3 - Threat with a weapon.   We were witnesses and only feared for our safety, but it made for an interesting evening.

Mr. X picked me up from the Relief Society broadcast because I'd left my wallet at work. Lucky man, he was my chaffuer all weekend. When approaching an intersection we saw a full sized truck coming from the side street very fast. Mr. X pulled his foot off the accelerator and we watched the truck run a red light right in front of us. We continued driving straight (which meant we were following) with me urging Mr. X to increase the distance between truck and sedan. She fish-tailed back and forth, finally losing control, jumping the curb, crossing the bike path and rolling into a telephone pole. Then the driver opened the door, gathered her belongings and walked away. We stayed to provide a witness statement to the police.

For the next several days, I tortured myself with the "what if" game, freaking myself out sufficiently enough to have a few sleepless nigts.

In November, my friend John called me: Sarah, is your birthdate XX/XX/XXXX?
Me: Yes.
John: Is your address: XXXX ALPHANUMERIC?
Me: Yes.
John: It appears you were a witness to the {DOE} accident and I have a subpoena that I need to serve you. Would you like me to fax it or bring it to you tonight?
Me: Doh! fax it...please.

I was not happy about this prospect.

I just recieved word that {Jane} has changed her plea a week before the trial, and I happily will not be a witness in court on Monday.