Friday, January 11, 2013

Police Blotter

In September:
Motor Vehicle Crash

• At 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, 31-year-old {Jane Doe} was arrested for failure to provide immediate notice of a motor vehicle crash, reckless driving, and resisting arrest on the 2800 block of Mendenhall Loop Road. She was lodged at LCCC on $3,000 bail.

She has since been charged with Felony Assault 3 - Threat with a weapon.   We were witnesses and only feared for our safety, but it made for an interesting evening.

Mr. X picked me up from the Relief Society broadcast because I'd left my wallet at work. Lucky man, he was my chaffuer all weekend. When approaching an intersection we saw a full sized truck coming from the side street very fast. Mr. X pulled his foot off the accelerator and we watched the truck run a red light right in front of us. We continued driving straight (which meant we were following) with me urging Mr. X to increase the distance between truck and sedan. She fish-tailed back and forth, finally losing control, jumping the curb, crossing the bike path and rolling into a telephone pole. Then the driver opened the door, gathered her belongings and walked away. We stayed to provide a witness statement to the police.

For the next several days, I tortured myself with the "what if" game, freaking myself out sufficiently enough to have a few sleepless nigts.

In November, my friend John called me: Sarah, is your birthdate XX/XX/XXXX?
Me: Yes.
John: Is your address: XXXX ALPHANUMERIC?
Me: Yes.
John: It appears you were a witness to the {DOE} accident and I have a subpoena that I need to serve you. Would you like me to fax it or bring it to you tonight?
Me: Doh! fax it...please.

I was not happy about this prospect.

I just recieved word that {Jane} has changed her plea a week before the trial, and I happily will not be a witness in court on Monday.

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