Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fantastic 4

I'll be the first person to tell you not to run up a credit card bill or carry a balance...but I do like it when Visa sends us tickets to a special pre-screening of a (B)movie complete with drink and popcorn.

I don't really have a good record staying awake in superhero movies, but we headed over to the theater on a Wednesday evening last August. After getting our tickets and going through security - no recording devices - we found some great seats. The theater was rocking, so many people excited about their free show. Mr. X turned in one of our tickets for a box of popcorn to share.

The movie wasn't award winning, but it was a fantastic free night out.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bibliophile Dream Service Project

We're getting a new library location. On Saturday, when we went looking for a movie or two, I overheard the librarians filling everyone in on the what's going to happen. The mall location is closing August 31st, they're not sure when the new library will open, but all books and DVDs will be checked out for 8 weeks instead of the normal three.

When I approached the counter I noticed a sign that encouraged everyone to use all of the check-outs on their card - 40 - and then visit the new library when it opens to drop off your books. This will save the library on time and money in the relocation. Awesome idea. Mr. X and I were immediately game.

For our Family Night activity we took a field trip back to the library to start loading up on our allocated 80 books. Mr. X is aiming to clean out all fantasy/sci fi from the audio book section, and I'm having fun perusing the stacks for treasures.

The librarian gave us a knowing look and then laughed with us at our monstrous book piles.