Friday, January 27, 2012


The first week of January, I lost my marbles. It was so dreary around here and we'd had a December full of rain.

While Seattle took a punch in the gut the second week of the month, we reveled in 0 degree temps and glorious sunshine. Mendenhall lake froze solid and everyone took to the ice. Mr. X and I walked out to the glacier over the ice, using yak traks, wishing we would have brought sunglasses.

I even bought ice skates at St. Vincent's and took a little skate across the lake. Then it started snowing again. First 4 inches then 8, then 24, another 7 (and still more to come). Sunday night we walked out to an ice berg and took some pictures. We even had a picture taken by one of my favorite Alaska photographers, Mark Kelley (too bad I'm wearing my hat and neck gaitor so I look like a sausage). And don't worry the skis come out tomorrow morning...just before it starts raining again. :)