Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Hiking Goals

Stroller White (l.) and Mt. McGinnis (r.) from Grandchild Peaks

My hiking goals for 2011 are taking shape.

1) Stroller White - we're not sure how to reach the top, either from Mt. McGinnis or the Grandchild Peaks trail. May require technical climbing, which I will not be attempting this summer.

2) Overnight Trip on Grandchild Peaks - have to procure a bear barrel. Someone riddle me this though - if the barrel is not to be tied-down, where do you put a barrel on a ridgeline? I keep imagining an animal rolling it over the edge. :)


3) Eagle Glacier Cabin

4) And just because it's been on the list every year: Mt. Juneau Ridgeline.

Friday, February 4, 2011

What are your options?

Today in Seminary Mr. X asked the class what the Saint's options were when they were attacked by Missourians. Their answers:

  • Form a Militia,
  • Guerrilla Warfare,
  • Leave, or
  • my favorite: Kidnap the Governor's Daughter.

Someone's been watching too many Westerns.