Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Letter: Day 5

In November we hiked out to the glacier to play tag. There was a light rain/snow and the rocks were slick. We tagged the glacier “TAG! You’re it” and ran the 4 miles all the way back to the car. That glacier never had a chance.

Just an hour before we wrote this we went walking on the Mendenhall Lake. The ice is at least 6 inches thick and is bound to get thicker still. Even so, we could hear booms as the ice creaked, cracked and ground in pressure seams and against the shoreline. Due to the cold, we turned around and headed home well before we got close to the glacier. We live in an amazingly beautiful place, when the sun shines. Mr. X is convinced that whoever named Sunday, lived in Juneau at some point, for it tends to be the sunny day of the week.

This holiday season we are so grateful for the love that our Savior has for us. We are thankful to know of His Atoning sacrifice that leads us back to Him. We hope this letter finds you fit, hale and happy.

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