Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Letter: Day 4

photo: Juneau Empire
Mr. X was called to teach early morning seminary for the high school juniors and seniors in Juneau. Sarah attends the class to be sure to have a ride to work. Mr. X is convinced that seminary would be lively if pets (dogs and chickens welcome) were required classroom items. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) thus far Mr. X has only required students to be awake, in their seats, with scriptures, pencil and paper during class time. As a minor triumph, Sarah has managed to devalue the jolly-rancher currency by flooding the market. The merest mention of jolly-ranchers brings out the darkest and most contemptible looks of loathing from the students, which tends to brighten our mornings.

In September, we finally got to put our new car through its paces. We were just leaving work, when 5 Orca (killer whales) pulled up along side us and revved their tails. The one with the pompadour, slick with hair gel, laughed over at us and said “Are ya chicken?” That was all it took for Sarah to have our car from 0 to 40 in 3 seconds when the light turned green. Not to be out done, those killer whales kept pace with us well up Gastineau Channel, at times doubling back, leaping and playing as if this race was for the kiddy league. Mr. X never thought that he would live in a place where SeaWorld’s famed Shamoo actually went drag racing in town. Maybe on the outskirt, but not in town anyway. Mr. X never thought about where Shammoo spent his time in the off-season nor his possible connections to “Grease” in his earlier professional career before he hit it big.

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