Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Letter: Day 3

In July we went to Michigan to visit Mr. X’s family. We had a great time at the Zoo and just hanging around Mom X’s home. On safari, Abe or Cole or possibly Maggie almost ran Mr. X over with the range rover while driving away from another “incident”. Fortunately Mr. X was only thrown 20 ft or so and remained conscious enough to load up Jacob and Paul, before a stampede of wildebeests, gemsboks, and tsetse flies came thundering through. It was a close and lucky thing, as it distracted the Ben and the Masai warriors temporarily, long enough to get the jeep running again and make our escape.

No summer would be complete without a trip to one of Juneau’s cabins. In June, our friends hosted us on a trip to the Taku Harbor cabin. Our friend’s boat felt tiny in the heavy swells but we enjoyed fine weather and a bonfire at night. What would a night at the cabin be without a nocturnal gambit with meadow voles, hell-bent on absconding with our snacks and cookies? Fortunately the walls held firm.

For the Fourth of July we rented the Windfall lake cabin and lake. We planned for mud and rain, but experienced going belly up in hot sun, cool breezes and everything that makes for a perfectly lazy summer’s day. “O the weight of a sunbeam.” (D. Lewis) The hot buttery popcorn and snacks were great. Lakeside reading on the floating dock was pleasurable. The canoe paddle was placid and the swimming was refreshing. Ah, the joys of a well spent $35.

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