Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend

Fishing - I woke up on the Fourth at 3 am and was exhausted plus it was drizzly so we had cancelled our picnic and fishing at Point Louisa. Then at about 11, I decided I did want to go fishing so we drove to Amalga harbor to catch this 31 inch chum. As you can see it's not a perfectly silver, but it'll do for curries - which is really all Mr. X wants anyway. We'd not taken the net so it was a little bit of a challenge landing the fish but we finally cornered the fish in shallower water and Mr. X flipped the fish onto the rocky shore. Not bad for 20 minutes of fishing.

On the way home my brother called and after dropping Mr. X off, I drove downtown to pick up our guest for the weekend.

At four we had Mr. X's brother-in-law join us for an indoor picnic. And then we braved the weather for a campfire on Point Louisa. We had intermittent rain, but lucked out and had a pod of four to six Orca whales swim by followed by a raft of eight to ten sea lions. The chums and reds are in and we also learned that we also have had a sizeable herring return to Auke bay (the herring fishery closed here in 1982); lots of good food for whales and sea lions and bears.

John enjoyed the s'mores - even though graham crackers never made it on my list, in the cart or to the park. 

Dan Moller Ridgeline - Saturday John suggested we hike on the ridgeline above the Dan Moller cabin. We'd been up there with John a couple years ago in winter and he wanted to see what it looked like in summer.

We got a nice view of Oliver Inlet and Seymour Canal. We might have to try that portage sometime in our rafts.

We scrambled our way up the hillside, I switched from rubber boots to my hiking shoes halfway up - when it got too steep for boots to be sensible.

We looked around the this ridge over to Eaglecrest ski area. It'd be fun to hike down that way some time.
Toward the Juneau Ice Field

Admiralty Island

Sunday morning Mr. X wanted to walk at Eagle Beach. We'd heard that there lots of fish and crab around, but we didn't see too much activity - except for fishing boats. We also spotted a bald eagle sitting in the water. I thought he might be in trouble, but it turned out he was just taking his Sunday bath.

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  1. We miss you guys. I want to see more adventures!


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