Thursday, July 3, 2014



Picnic on Point Louisa - After church on Father's Day I decided we needed to take some time to enjoy the weather so we packed up the camp chairs and a little snack-y dinner and headed to Point Louisa to watch the birds and boats and admire the wildflowers.

Dog Walking - some friends were going out of town and needed someone to walk the dog. We had fun keeping this old gal busy. We checked out the Peterson River trails on North Douglas and discovered our backside of Douglas island trek/paddle could have been easier.

Mt. Juneau take deux - Mr. X's brother-in-law got a job in Juneau! I'm still adjusting to having family in town - "You mean he isn't leaving on Monday? We don't HAVE to do this hike today?" We showed him Mt. Juneau and then true to form, the clouds blew in and we were essentially in a white out. Oh, and for some reason I just about had a heart attack hiking this time. Either walking that dog at 5:30 am that day was a bad idea or I've got seasonal allergies - maybe both.

Magic Show - Our friends called us and asked if we wanted to go to a magic show fundraiser for the fire department. We joined hundreds of children in Juneau to watch a master of illusion. That guy had some fast hands.

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