Saturday, August 9, 2014

St. Louis

I attended a conference in St. Louis. Because of flight scheduling, I was able to have a partial day of touring before the conference began.

In the morning, before the heat and humidity went out of control, I went to the iconic St. Louis Arch and Jefferson Expansion Memorial. I watched the Lewis and Clark film and then rode to the top of the arch in the tiny space capsule-like trolley.

Since the Arch is part of the National Park service I was then able to listen to a lecture and demonstration on native flute music. The ranger  played a beautiful tune that was meant as a tribute to greeting the day. It reminded me of bird song in the early morning hours.

I crossed the street next to visit The Old Courthouse which was the site of the Dred Scott decision. Because St. Louis is celebrating their 250th anniversary the courthouse was ornately decorated.

Riding the train out to Forest Park - I watched a multimedia presentation of the 250 year history of the city at the museum. I also walked to the Pagoda where I found several turtles swimming lazily in the pond.

Gooey Butter Cake - the Missouri Insurance Director gave the keynote address and advised all of us to partake of the many local foods that St. Louis is known for: ice cream cone and hot dog in a bun (world's fair 1904), dry rub bbq, Fitz's soda, and gooey butter cake. Once you've eaten all of that, never fear, Tums was also invented in St. Louis.
St. Louis Public Library
I wandered through some public art gardens

The thing I wanted especially to try was the gooey butter cake, so Tuesday afternoon I set out for a nearby coffee shop that had roughly a dozen different kinds. I chose raspberry and red velvet. And enjoyed eating them. Yes. Yes. I did. (Mr. X had to suffer my very inferior attempt at imitation when I got home)

I wandered over to the Eads Bridge before my last meeting. And found classic cobblestone streets and brick buildings.

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