Wednesday, September 26, 2012

White Mountain and Atlin

Monday night, Mr. X read about a short mountain hike just across the highway from the lodge. Tuesday morning we left Mom in bed and set off for our little hike. We walked up to a generator station and found the trailhead. Then we climbed up and up the mountain until we had a view of Little Atlin Lake, and Tagish lake. It was a beautiful, frosty morning. We had gotten a late start so we didn't hike all the way up the mountain and later found a better trail.

We returned to the cabin and packed for a day trip to the town of Atlin. We drove the partially paved road for 55 miles and saw the beautiful mountains of Atlin. The wind was blowing off the lake, though, so it was cold.

After seeing the paddle boat, museum, church and RCMP, we went out the Warm Bay road to look for the glacier. Atlin lake is the largest lake in British Columbia* and the headwaters for some of the rivers in Juneau.

We ate lunch on the way back to the Lodge - well some of us ate. I forgot to pack Mr. X's lunch so he just went hungry.

Back at the cabin we relaxed in the evening. I spent the time reading in front of the wood stove.

*Little Atlin Lodge is in Yukon territory, but Atlin is in BC. One of the magazines I read said that Atlin-ites are happy to celebrate BC province holidays, but really they're more Yukon-ers than British Columbians.

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