Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Juneau - Skagway - Carcross - Little Atlin

Bove Island

Monday morning Mr. X, his mom and I boarded the Columbia at 2:45 am. I had reserved an outside cabin for us so we spent the majority of the ferry ride sleeping. Mr. X and I had weird ferry/cruise dreams.

Our route had us stopping in Haines so that's where we got up for breakfast in the cafeteria. During our breakfast, the crew performed a bomb scare drill which included finding two devices, evacuating passengers and launching the lifeboats. One of the cooks stopped and talked to us. He said he found the bomb a couple weeks ago - it was a box with wires coming out of it. He made the mistake of picking the device up and then the crew had to practice detonation drills which included closing all water tight and fire suppression doors.

our shower and toilet



I think if I have a choice I will pick the Columbia. The boat is one of the nicest in the fleet and everything is clean and comfortable.

We finally arrived in Skagway at 1 pm.

And we had to hit a couple of sites: the Yukon White pass railroad and the Chilkoot trail visitor's center.

Here's a stampeder with all his gear.

We needed to be at Little Atlin by 6 pm and I'd forgotten about the time change so we quickly left Skagway on the South Klondike Hwy. Honestly, I wasn't disappointed - we've been to Skagway three times in three years.

We crossed the boarder into Canada, set our watches to the new time zone and continued on to Tutshi lake

 Tutshi lake

We pulled off the highway for a few pictures along the way and then stopped in Carcross to look at Bennett Lake and a "retirement home" shack for Mr. X's mom. She was really excited about it.

Emerald Lake

After we spotted Emerald Lake we turned back to the Tagish road and drove through some of the most lovely fall colors. Before too long we turned onto Atlin road and found our way to the Little Atlin Lodge where we were staying for two nights. We enjoyed our dinner and then watched the sunset on the lake.

Little Atlin Lake


  1. So so so beautiful! Reminds me of our visit to the Klondike Gold Rush Museum/National Park thing in Pioneer Square. I had no idea about Seattle and the Gold Rush. Very interesting stuff!

    1. Yeah, I remember you mentioned that you visited it in Pioneer square. If I remember correctly Skagway and Seattle share the park...kinda unusual.


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