Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Little Atlin Lodge

When I first started planning this trip, we planned to camp. But then Mr. X's mom retired and said she was available to come with us in September for the fall colors, so I started looking for accomodations a little more comfortable than tenting.

Our first stop was with Andri, Rahel and Lukas at the Little Atlin Lodge. This family relocated to the Yukon from Switzerland 15 years ago. Their 'guesthouses' show some of their Swiss German culture - which I absolutely loved. And judging by the notes in the guest book, more than half of their visitors are German speakers (there is a non-stop flight to Whitehorse from Frankfurt in the summer).

The lodge is located right on Little Atlin Lake. We were in the Pine cabin where we had comfortable seating, running water, propane lighting and refrigerator. Mr. X made us a fire in the woodstove Tuesday morning and evening (Monday was warm). He also cooked up his chicken on the excellent grill on the covered deck. The kitchen was well stocked with everything you could want from measuring cups to champagne glasses to eggs benedict cups. I cannot say enough about how clean, and well organized the kitchen was.

Rahel provided a plate of homemade brownies for us. They were filled with homemade strawberry preserves and dusted with powdered sugar.

The lodge has a green house where they grow quite a bit of produce. Sometimes they have food for sale - we had plenty of our own so we didn't inquire, but they appeared to have tomatoes and lettuce.

They also offer canoes and motor boats for rent. There's supposed to be good fishing in the lake.

There is a driveway to the cabin so you don't have to haul your gear too far.

The stairs to the second story are a little steep, so Mr. X's mom chose to sleep downstairs. Rahel came down to the cabin and made up the futon in the living room - which was very nice - I didn't have to lift a finger.  In addition to the bedding change, we did have a couple requests for the Andri and Rahel which they attended to immediately (the carbon monoxide detector went off Monday night, the pilot light on the fridge went out). We appreciated their attentiveness and friendliness.

I would recommend the lodge for a longer trip. We were there too short a time to truly enjoy the area. I would have liked to eat outside one meal and have a bonfire in the fire pit. Mr. X wants to go canoeing and fishing next time. And we both would like to do a little more hiking on White Mountain.

These opinions are my own. I was not compensated...in fact I paid quite lot of money to form these opinons.  

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  1. VERY interesting (I say that a lot when I comment on your blog!!) about the German influence and non-stop flight. That place looks wonderful - gotta love a place that is clean! I guess I'm too much of a city slicker/snob to have realized that anything other than a stove and dryer could be fueled by propane. Fascinating! Beautiful too!


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