Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picture perfect day

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon Mr. X and I decided to take a drive. We headed out the road to the Shrine of St. Therese. Not confident that the paths would be clear of snow, but wanting to do a little walking, we followed the path down toward the water.

The Chilkat Mountains across the water were beautifully white and we had blue skies with wispy clouds. Before we could get very far, however, a plump orange cat met us. Mr. X is a sucker so he gave the cat a good scratch. Of course, then the cat "heeled" as was made our way toward the causeway. From here we could see two labs playing on the beach and a dozen sea lions floating by on the calm seas. By now Mr. X is holding the cat (lest the animal have to walk through a puddle) and having me scratch the feline's neck. Seeing that we intended to walk past the dogs, the cat asked to be put down.

We continued our walk to the old stone church where we gazed out over the water.

Amazing how satifying a little sun, snow, exercise can be. Oh, yeah. I think Mr. X would add, and an out-going, furry friend.

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