Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Mr. X married Me

A long time ago, someone asked Mr. X why he was interested in me, what it was that made his heart go pit-pat? or some such nonsense. His response: She has a good peanut butter cookie recipe.

Here's the truth though. I don't have a good peanut butter cookie recipe. I just use any old one in the cookbook and add chocolate chips. Since Mr. X's eyes have been opened to the truth, I've been spending my days trying to create something new and amazing lest he find someone else with a tasty recipe - not really.

So, recently, Mr. X changed his diet. One of the major things that changed was that he wanted yogurt. Lots and lots of yogurt. Yogurt at every meal and in between too. Not just cheap-o yogurt either, those $5.35 two-cup cartons of greek yogurt.

Ah-hem. For some reason he's now referring to me as the "dairy maid". And it might have something to do with all the yogurt sitting in the fridge.

It could be worse, right? He could have said, "She's the most [beautiful] [genius] [kindhearted] woman who graced the planet." And then I'd be obligated to always be striving for supermodel status. Or that MENSA certificate, or whatever it was that he admired. At least I get to eat what I make.


  1. Lost my first three attempts at commenting. Maybe this will work. Ugh. Bottom line is: Get yourself a Traeger Grill.

  2. You guys are so funny! We miss you so much. So hard to believe it's coming up on 6 years since you left here.

  3. LOL. This is happening at our house too. We've also enjoyed the benefits of yogurt. We have kid yogurt (shelf), yogurt in tubes, yoplait regular, and yoplait greek and then three different brands of greek yogurt. I haven't found a favorite yet. Since your the dairymaid can we get our dairy straight from you as well. Last night Doug and I looked up the difference between greek and regular and spent the better part of the evening discussing the health benefits. Does he eat anything with it. I bought granola and have stirred berries into the vanilla which makes it a great after dinner treat.


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