Friday, February 17, 2012

Small town living

Did I tell you this story?

When John was here visiting, and we hiked to the Dan Mollar cabin, we read the cabin log. Like we always do. One of the entries was written by a guy who mentioned how his dogs, Nutmeg and Laserbeam, did on the trail. Impressed with such great dog names, we discussed them at length.

Two days later, leaving John in bed and Mr. X in his meetings, I took off on my own to walk to Nugget Falls. Enjoying the solitude, I was surprised to discover a russet colored golden retriever walking right behind me. Turning around, the dog barked and the owner called out, "Her name's Nutmeg!" He then addressed the elderly, ice blue-eyed, black lab/husky mix by his side, "Come on, Laserbeam, let's go."

Just what are the odds?

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