Monday, June 20, 2011

Tracy Arm

Gram, Grandpa and Mom cruised to Tracy Arm on Monday. They had to be at the Marine Park dock at 8 am. I received a call at 7:40 am that the parking garage wouldn't take their credit card so I ran down and took the rental car to park it in another spot.

They boarded the Adventure Bound at 8:15 am and departed for the Fjords south of Juneau. Their destination was the South Sawyer Glacier. This tidewater glacier - meaning it is in the ocean itself - is impacted by tides. A high frequency of glacier calving - or breaking off of ice occurs throughout each day. The roar and splash is dramatic and thrilling.

Tracy Arm also supports a seal sanctuary so the travelers also saw seals and their pups sprawled out on many of the ice bergs.

Take note of the long pole in the first picture. This is the captain pushing the boat away from chunks of ice that pose a threat to the boat.

pictures from our trip in 2009

the fjord continues under the 2000 foot deep water

Dramatic cliff reminiscent of Lord of the Rings

Mama and her baby


  1. Thanks for pictures. I received the disk today.
    Thanks for telling the story on the blog.

    I will send you a disk of my pictures.

  2. I just got done with all the posts from your mom and grandparents visit. It sounds like you guys had a great time! The picture of those eagles is amazing. I read the kids a picture book the other day about the wildlife in Alaska and thought of you. :)


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