Saturday, June 18, 2011


In the morning, Mr. X and I broke camp and headed to town for showers and to pick up train tickets. Then we headed to the cabin for breakfast. Everyone there was already showered and had eaten so we soon headed out to the Dyea townsite.

Grandpa grabbed his trekking poles so that he could hike the first 15 feet of the Chilkoot trail - a highlight for him.
Next we walked through part of the Dyea townsite. We saw an old rowboat and warehouses moldering away into the earth. In a few years there will be no evidence of the town at all. After a quick picnic lunch in downtown Skagway, it was time for Gram, Grandpa and Mom to board their train. We bought them one way tickets to Fraser, B.C. and planned to meet them on the other side of the border.

Mr. X and I drove over the White pass and had no trouble getting past customs. The train arrived shortly and we were told they saw a brown bear and mountain goats.

From there we drove to Log cabin and to the Welcome to the Yukon sign, then back to Skagway. Gram and Grandpa spent some time shopping for momentos and we toured the Klondike national park museum.

By now it was raining. After a taco dinner at the cabin, Mr. X and I drove back out to Dyea for the night. It was still early so we stopped at the Slide Cemetery to see the headstones of those stampeders who perished in the April 3rd avalanche.

After all that driving I was exhausted. I feel asleep in the back of the car and only woke up to help Mr. X pitch the tent.

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