Thursday, June 16, 2011

Downtown and Mt. Roberts Tram

Top of the loop trail - They made it!

Thursday morning Mom got Gram and Grandpa out the door and downtown by 9 am. They visited the Alaska State Museum, State Office Building Atrium and the Capital Building.

At the Capital building, they asked for the abbreviated tour so the young tour guide offered them a seat and told them the history of the Alaska legislature and showed them the house chambers.

Then the wandered down to the waterfront admiring the statue of Patsy Ann and the Miner Memorial. They were hungry by now so they picked up a bag of caramel corn from the Tongan family shop. Mr. X and I met them there for lunch at the Sandpiper.

Next we were off to the Mt. Roberts Tram. I wasn't sure if I would get Grandpa on it, but he very willingly went. It was Gram who said she was afraid of heights.

We saw Bald Eagles and their nests, gorgeous views of Gastineau channel and live tree carvings. Gram and Grandpa even hiked the challenging loop trail.

At 5 pm we next toured our offices at Grandpa's request. Then it was home for a sockeye salmon dinner.

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