Friday, June 17, 2011

Ferry to Skagway

In the afternoon we headed for the ferry terminal to meet the Malaspina for our "cruise" up to Skagway. Grandpa had insisted on a stateroom so that we would have a nice place for Gram and Grandpa to stretch out for a nap. It was a good thing too because we all took a turn resting for at least an hour.

Mom and I spent a few hours relaxing on deck chairs on the solarium deck watching whales, dall's porpoises, lighthouses, and glaciers slide by.

At 7 pm we warmed up some soup in the cafe and had a pleasant dinner as we approached Haines.

As we departed Haines, Gram and Grandpa and I did our walking - strolling 'round and 'round the deck.

We arrived in Skagway at 9:45 pm and still needed to find the cabin for the night. I had a suspicion of where it was, but wasn't positive. Luckily I drove straight there and Nan was waiting for us when we arrived.

Gram and Grandpa and Mom stayed in Skagway Bungalows - Raven Cabin. Mr. X and I headed to Dyea to camp for the night. When we had gotten everything settled and were just drifting off, I realized I had chapstick in my pocket. The Dyea campground is a clean camp area (i.e. bears), so I didn't want to have anything smelly in the tent. I jumped up to put the lip balm away and promptly set of the alarm on the car. Lovely. Midnight in the campground and I'm the goof who sets off the alarm.

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