Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Four Wheel Drive...

I recently read an article in the Anchorage Daily News and one of the reader comments caught my eye. It tickled my fancy. Make me laugh. I wanted to share it with all my friends, but I knew I'd get slammed, flamed and all out be-littled.

But I can't take it any more. Yesterday, driving home, the roads were icy. I mean we got 6 inches of snow at 33 degrees, the plows went out and then the temps dropped - that kind of slick. Everyone was moving along at a reasonably good clip and then we could tell that there had been an accident. And that comment, that silly comment, totally fit the situation.

Four Wheel Drive: 'Cause it puts you further into the snowbank.

Not convinced? Think about it for a second - a ford focus and a ford F250 - who's going to make the deepest, most dramatic hole? Which one leaves the road, crosses the ditch and buries itself in the snow bank?

Drive carefully out there; 'tis the season.

(Please know that I am not laughing at other's misfortunes, rather I'm laughing with all the four wheel drive enthusists who laugh with me for driving 2wd)


  1. I LOVE LOVE Love love LOVE my 4x4 Jeep. I take flack from hubby from leaving it in 4x4 mode ALL WINTER long! He says it is bad to do so, but after 11 trouble-free years, I think it is worse to keep taking it in and out of 4 wheel. Anyway, here is hoping it will make it lots more winters in 4x4.

    My pet peeve is people driving with bald tires. Come on people! We live in Alaska! Get some real tires!!! My 4x4 isn't complete with just 4x4. We are lucky enough to live in a state that allows studded and/or chains for more than half of the year. I depend on simple studded tires from Sept 15 - May 15. Last week the UPS driver delivered my Amazon undeliverable (due to weather natural disaster here) on time using his 4x4, studs and chains on all wheels! He still recommended not leaving the house due to the record ice storm here.

    Finally, when given the F250 and the dinky car... doesn't matter how big the hole... who is going to pull you out when you make a hole? It won't be a little car! Wait for the F250 to show up! There is a reason why the majority of vehicles in my town are TRUCKS!

  2. My new favorite quote from the last week..... "For every mile of road there are TWO miles of ditch!"

  3. Yeah. Mr. X mentioned that one to me last week too.


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