Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Denver Trip

Colorado Capital Building

Last week we headed off to Denver to visit my sister Marianne and her family. It was a special occasion because S's adoption had been finalized and it was time for a sealing and blessing.

Mr. X and I spent the week leading up to the sealing eating Mexican food, watching fireworks, walking Lady, tickling S., playing games, baking Christmas treats, shopping, sight-seeing, visiting and caroling. Would you believe that it was 65 degrees while we were there? That's summer weather for us.

Henry Harrison's first wife and son.

College roommate, E, (she's 32 weeks pregnant, doesn't she look incredible?)


  1. Whatever is that animal biting your hand?

  2. It's a bummer we missed seeing you! Next time right? glad you had a great time!


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