Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's

Herbert Glacier River, 2007

  • 400 square foot apartment two miles from the glacier: too much
  • Mr. X's garage sale - two sizes too big, socks in the toe - skis: $35
    Clearance poles: $7
  • Having New Year's Eve morning to ski straight out the front door: Priceless

    Thursday night we had a winter storm advisory and were supposed to get up to 14 inches of snow. Friday morning I left Mr. X snoring and took off on a short jaunt through fresh snow up the trail to the glacier. By Friday evening, all that nice white stuff was melting away in the rain.

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  1. You are so adventurous! We do need to come take an adventure with you one of these days! Sounds like you had a great new years!


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