Monday, December 6, 2010

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Our ward announced a Christmas Pageant this year...with just a week (i.e. 15 minutes of practice) before the ward party.

Friday night was the "Play" and to be honest it so reminded me of the book, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever. Everyone tripped over their fathers' bathrobes. The donkey wore a clip on tie for his tail. One angel had wings that kept poking people. And the shepherds pounded their crooks as if they were hockey sticks.

All in all it was a successful event*, but I just had to check out the printed version on Saturday. Mr. X and I thoroughly enjoyed reading that classic Christmas tale together.

*Of course we had to hightail it out of the church when Mr. X looked at me and said, "ugh, you okay? Your eye looks really pink."

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  1. lucky ducks! Our ward doesn't believe in such festivities. :( Santa Claus has not been allowed for a few years and I seriously think there is a distain for Christmas. This year we are having and "Asian Dinner". I can't remember what we celebrated last year, but I do remember attending the Mexican Fiesta Salsa taste-off the year before. Oh, I just double checked and it isn't an Asian Dinner. We are having an Asian Potluck this weekend. Ugh!

    What are you two doing for Christmas? We have lots of snow and family to share if you want to come and visit us.


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