Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cowee Meadow Cabin

We met up with some friends and hiked out to the Cowee Meadow Cabin on Friday night. At the cabin we met some other friends who had hiked out earlier with their beautiful german wirehaired pointer. she looks like this, sorta, definitely cuter!
The oil stove didn't work so the men found a dead tree, sawed it up and put it in the tiny wood stove. We ate popcorn and cookies, played games and laughed until the wee hours of the morning.

After getting up to use the outhouse my friend saw my light and thought an intruder was in the cabin. We had joked earlier about her husband's hand gun, so I was glad when they recognized my voice.

In the morning we had sausage, eggs, bagels and muffins. Then we packed up and headed for home.

P.S. Yes. That is Mr. X in crocs and shorts. Yes, he is at home celebrating his birthday with a cold. Happy Birthday, dear.


  1. Glad you didn't get shot on Mr. X's bday, the cold and bed is enough of a bad bday.
    We went to the Hunt Memorial cabin this weekend with hubby and Uncle taking two trips into the hot springs. We toured the ice hotel for the first time along with the geo power plant and greenhouses heated by the springs. Pretty cool - or hot!
    The cold ones in our story were two of our three dogs who decided to go on the thin ice of the river and fell right through. The border collie was COLD, but the chessie puppy dealt better with the cold water even though he really went under and was coughing up river water for an hour! Lucky we got to bring home three dogs from our weekend and that none of them are bedridden. :)
    Nice to see the pictures of your trip. Happy bday to mr. x!

  2. Hey there. I'm glad you got to talk to Mr. X yesterday. I'd been thinking about you last week and wondered what you were up to. Glad you had a good trip to the cabin - sorry about the dogs, but it sounds like they came out okay.


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