Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spuhn Island

Another night, another island.

Mr. X wanted to get a decent picture on the GPS camera. Which means we tied our boats together, Mr. X leaped out of his raft and took pictures in chest deep water. Should I mention that the current was pulling me 5 knots/hr and he wanted me to hold perfectly still? Apparently, whenever I would paddle, I would block the view of the mountains.

When we got around to the outside of the island the waves picked up to two feet and we struggled to make headway. A challenging paddle for only our second time out this season. At one point I set my sights on a flash of color on the beach ahead of us, only to realize that the color was a small aluminum fishing boat that had been turned inside out. Nice.

At one point an eagle flew by with a silver fish in its talons. He apparently lost the fish when accosted by two other eagles fighting right above us. Mr. X asked if I had seen what they were fighting over. My response through gritted teeth, not really.

We finally slid back to Smuggler's cove and saw a seal, his mottled head glistening in the late evening light. His eyebrows snowy white. 

As we packed up some ladies out for a walk asked us if we were glad we made it back..."uh, yeah", we said. They then told us someone had rolled a kayak and without drysuit or life jacket, they're lucky someone rushed out in a skiff to rescue them. 

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