Friday, May 9, 2014


Mr. X has been dreaming of bears.

We've seen a few.

Our first of the season were on a walk to Nugget Falls a couple weeks ago. Two second year cubs had climbed a large cottonwood and were snapping branches to eat the fluffy catkins at their tips. We sat on a rock watching as one of the bears decided they were too far up the tree and slid down the trunk to a more secure perch. The fearless bear stayed high in the tree, balancing on tiny, wobbly limbs, dropping broken branches down to the other cub. I'm not sure whether he was being helpful or irritating.

On Sunday, we went to our friend's house for dinner and afterward our friend escorted us out the back, carefully avoiding the new paint in the 5-car parking lot. We just about reached the car when a young tween walking with a parent says, "Bear. Ooh a bear". Not knowing where, my instincts were to get in the car. Once seated we then turned around and saw a bear in the parking lot we had just walked through. "He's big!" Mr. X said. "Yeah," I said, "I can't believe we didn't see him. Hope Brad doesn't try taking his trash out now".

Somehow, I don't think the bears out of their dens until I see, I guess the bears are out now.

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