Friday, March 28, 2014

Library books and coincidence

About a month ago I decided to take a walk to the library. I just wanted to get out and wasn't particularly interested in finding a book. But once there I felt obligated to pick a stack to take home. Randomly I picked out movies about cats (Ms. Minoe), a dog (Red Dog), and a few books. One of the books I selected was A Bolt from the Blue: The Epic True Story of Danger, Daring and Heroism at 13,000 feet.

I took the book home and set it on the shelf for three weeks, not interested in reading about rock climbing and a lightning strike in 2004. Finally, Mr. X pulled it off the shelf to look at the photos in the center of the book. After studying the photos for several minutes he closed the book and set it back on the shelf saying, "Well, if you read that book, let me know what happens. One of those guys was a missionary companion."


We (I) spent the next three hours pouring over the book, reading excerpts out loud and finally concluding Clint is the guy Mr. X knew years ago. Mr. X thoughts were, "No one deserves for that to happen to them. But especially not Clint".

My thoughts were, just how many books at the library are about friends, past and present!?

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  1. I love how nonchalant Mr. X is about things. You've got to see the Curious George show Season 1 episode 21. Everytime I hear the phrase..."MmmMmm Fish crackers." I think of your Mr. X.


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