Monday, March 24, 2014

Ward Boundaries

Flat Stanley tours Nugget Falls and Mendenhall Glacier (April 2013)

We had a meeting last night to get our new ward boundaries. We had two wards, now we have three. They gave us the technical description and it went something like this:

From the Canadian border, down Berner's Bay to the headwaters of Montana Creek, downstream to the fence line on the north side of [X] street across the Mendenhall Valley to the peak of Thunder Mountain along the Heitzelman Ridge, across the Juneau Ice field to the Canadian border.

This change had been several years in the making and had been hotly debated by many in the wards.

One rumor I started (I'm calling it a rumor because it was repeated back to me by the child of whom I told) was that the wards would have names describing their geographic area rather than numbers.The requested names by some were: Down Ward - for the downtown, Back Ward - For Back Loop Road, and the Auke Ward (pronounced Awkward) - for the Auke Bay area.

Instead the names are Mt. Juneau, Nugget Falls, and Auke Bay.


  1. Auke Ward? Ha ha ha. That would have been awesome. Except maybe during settings apart when everyone would snigger when the ward name was mentioned.

  2. Very unique boundary descriptions! I love the names you came up with, funny stuff!


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