Friday, May 10, 2013

Monday: Smuggler's Cove

Monday was sunny! We headed out the Fritz Cove road and put the packrafts in the water. We paddled to a small island, then carried the boats over the top and put in again. While we were putting in, Mr. X spotted a sea star. It's the coolest one I've seen in our travels so far.

Then we paddled around the west side of Spuhn island. A couple seals came and checked us out. One of them was super close and kept eyeballing us.

We pulled the boats out and crossed one of the island's reefs, watched by eagles and a scoters.

When we put in again, the current whipped us around the back side of the island where we could see why that portion of the island is a state marine park - it is all cliffs rather than buildable land.

We cruised back into Smuggler's cove passing Coghlan island, Battleship island, Suedla island. We saw a couple houses being built on the island. Lucky homeowners.

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