Friday, April 26, 2013

Airport to North Douglas highway

Saturday I dumped all my chores and went rafting with Mr. X. We went to the Airport trail and then crossed the mud flats into Fritz Cove. We saw the spout of a humpback whale near the Douglas shore.

hiking attire

After launching from a sand bar we paddled north in calm seas. We saw a thousand scoters on the water with a few mallards mixed in.

Mr. X spotted a humpback spout in the distance. We both saw what looked like a breaching whale with a big splash. As we paddled, we watched the whale work the shoreline, coming closer and closer. Eventually, it passed behind us and dove, showing us its beautiful tail.

We crossed over to Douglas Island for a quick lunch in the sun. Then back to the boats. The gasget on my wrist is a little tight and my hand swelled up.

I timed the waves poorly and was thrown back on the beach on a barnicled rock. After a quick look to make sure there wasn't any damage, and a couple more attempts, I made it back into the now rolling waves.

We were now going against the tide and I was worried about making it back. I shouldn't say I worried at that point, because I became seriously worried when we approached the mud flats and spotted a few seals, then a few more, and then realized we were surrounded by them. There were probably 30 harbor seals who prior to our arrival had been splashing and diving. Now they were simply staring. A couple pushed their shoulders out of the water to get a better look at us. Some had dark heads, some had silver heads. No pictures of them though 'cause we were too busy staring back at them. Mr. X was enjoying it. I was ready to yell and poke my paddle. I greeted a couple - much like I do the neighbor's dog - since they seem to recognize human voices.

We passed into really shallow water and no longer had an audience. Well except for the bonaparte gulls that I love to see. They were all over the place. Mr. X spotted a river otter on a sand bar and decided that's where we wanted to land. Thankfully the otter was just launching to go up river, so there was no competition.

We carried our boats to some grass and packed up, then hiked back to the airport. A good day. Even if I was a chicken.  

This drysuit business is totally new to me. It's (obviously) airtight, so you've got to "burp" it by squeezing air out of your neck gasget.

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  1. You guys are so cool! I love your adventures!


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