Monday, June 18, 2012

Got yogurt?

Saturday afternoon Mr. X and I sat down and listened to Radio Lab. This week's story was on "Guts". The whole program was good but this particular piece was particularly interesting. Medicinal yogurt? Yum.

Sunday was a doozy of a day. It included a biting, snotty two-year old, me yelling at a member of the bishopric and a solid punch into the squishy part of my friend's chest.

Feeling pretty pathetic by bed time, Mr. X and I were talking in the living room, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement in the front yard. I jumped up from the couch to watch a bear turn over the garbage can, shake out his selected bag and drag it to the neighbor's yard (Juneau recently switched garbage collection and the cans are not bear resistant!!!).

We cleaned up the rest of the garbage dumped in the yard armed with an air horn and bear spray and called JPD dispatch to record the rifling. 

When I said I didn't think I could now sleep, Mr. X smiled and generously offered to share some of his yogurt.


  1. Wild-life for sure! You yelling at someone? Sorry, that makes me chuckle but I don't know the context either. Very interesting about the bear, though not novel to you!

  2. Not bear resistant! Guess that will keep the JPD busy!


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