Monday, June 11, 2012

East Glacier rafting

Tuesday night the sun was shining so we packed up the boats and took the trail to Nugget Falls. While we were inflating the rafts an old friend from the University spotted us and came over to discuss our rafts. Lori is an avid outdoorswoman (and my inspiration!). Instead of focusing on tempering my raft I talked to Lori. Meanwhile a horde of Japanese tourists flocked around us wanting to take pictures. We hurriedly launched into the icy Mendenhall lake.

Not too much later I realized my boat was getting soft, so I hugged Mr. X's boat while he used the mouth valve to finish filling my boat. We hid behind an ice berg to finish tempering, away from the eyes of tourists.

Then we paddled toward the glacier. Along the way we heard this ice berg crack and then watched as it rolled over. We thought a massive wave was headed our way, but luckily it dissipated before it reached us.

Deciding to land back at the pavillion instead of on the trail, we navigated through an ice berg flotilla. We were grateful that none of these bergs rolled over.


  1. so cool love the pictures. keep it up. fantastic stories too. thanks for sharing. do you do this stuff after work?

  2. I love reading about your adventures!


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