Monday, September 12, 2011

Juneau News: Dog-sitter's worst nightmare

2 black labs stop Alaska Airlines from landing on initial approach

Deputy Airport Manager Patty deLaBruere tells us that Flight 64 (Boeing 737) was coming in for a landing at about 2:30 pm when two black labs were spotted on the runway. The plane had to abort that landing, attempt to do a go around before it could land.

Chava Lee of the Gastineau Humane Society says an Animal Control Officer caught one of the dogs. The owner of the one that was nabbed on the runway is out of town. The animal was in the care of another person at the time. Lee says the owner will be cited.

Lee says they don't know yet how they got on the runway. deLaBruere says the dogs could have come from the Airport Dike Trail, through the wetlands from a neighborhood in the area, or they could have gotten loose from owners while on the airport grounds. - KINY Radio

Message to T and E: We were out walking on the wetlands near the airport at 2:30 p.m. yesterday. We promise none of your dogs were on the runway.

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