Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter: Mendenhall Wetlands

Our friends went on a 10 day excusion and asked us to watch their dogs and stay at their house. We jumped at the chance to play with three dogs (and stay in a place with internet, netflix, piano, a shorter commute, etc.)

First there's D - she's an old gal. Our instructions were to walk her to the mailbox and back. She did not get to enjoy the mud flats with us.

Easter morning (actually both Saturdays and Sundays), we walked Willie and Bella the block to the Wildlife game refuge/Mud flats to play catch and chase birds.

Willie's ready to play. Can you see how well Bella is camoflauged?

Oh, there's Bella. She'd like the ball too.

It's so fun I'm gonna jump over you.

It was sunny and warm and the dogs had a blast. They chased sticks and tennis balls, watched for bald eagles, sand pipers, stellar's jays, marsh hawks, and juncos, and splashed in the streams. It was a nice relaxing morning.

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