Monday, May 9, 2011

Nome (Part 1): Dorothy, hand me those ruby slippers...

cause 'there' no place like Nome'.

A couple months ago, I decided I was going to Nome. I hadn't decided if I was going for next March's Iditrod finish or whether I wanted a summer birdwatching excursion. When Mr. X heard my intentions, his reaction was, "uhh, okay".

Two days later, I'd started researching Iditarod volunteer opportunities as well as birding websites, and Mr. X emailed me,

Hey Sarah,
G said that a processor doesn't want to come to [Anchorage] training because it is the middle of whaling season. They need the training so we may be going to Nome around May 4th (it is very tentative at this point). Do you want to try to come? Might not work but might be fun."

[Mr. X]

I called him right back and said, "I'm coming!"

"Tentative" turned in to definite within a week.

Obviously, Mr. X's airfare, hotel and food were covered so, we were looking at tickets for just me. Getting to Nome is not cheap: $650 - $725 for a rountrip ticket from Juneau. Except I knew that Alaska Air was holding an air mile sale. If I bought miles for a trip to Nome, the ticket would only be $330. Not bad, but I already a had some miles, so my price came in at $187. Very doable. When Mr. X's exact flights showed up for 15k miles, I pounced. I was going to Nome.

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