Monday, May 30, 2011

Five Years

We moved to Juneau 5 years ago. In that time we've:

Lived in 1 Apartment

Driven 2 Cars

Watched 3 Televisions

Tolerated 4 upstairs neighbors

Held 5 Jobs (HSS, UAS, DOA, DOI, F&G)

Served in 6 Callings

Spent the night at 7 Cabins (Windfall Lake, John Muir, Camping Cove, Cowee Meadow, Taku Harbor, Dan Moller, Chena River)

Owned 8 Snow tires

Toured 9 Northern Communities (Anchorage, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Nome, Fairbanks, Skagway, Gustavus, Sitka, Whitehorse)

Accumlated 10 Retirement Accounts (2x: Pension, 401(a), 457, Roth IRA; 1x 403(b), rollover 401(a))


  1. 2 impressive! thanks 4 sharing.

  2. Wow! That's interesting! We have zero retirement accounts. Not that I haven't thought about it, but Chris wasn't vested before being laid off and we just don't have extra money each month for it. Once he gets a raise we will look into it more. I've also had zero snow tires, but I don't live in Alaska!:)

  3. Did you set off any fireworks to celebrate your five years? I know a place where you can get some.

  4. I remember when you left just before Leata's first birthday. Now she's six. Wow! So much has happened for you and for us in those 5 years. You have had some wonderful adventures! 10 retirement accounts, that's a lot! We have 2. :)


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