Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Blue

In the Oracle Open World Lunch Room:

Loquacious Man (LM): ....My daughter has her college years planned, she picked a school while here - Pepperdine - $52,000 per year.

Mr. X and Coworker: Ouch!
Friendly Woman (FW): Wow! Why does she want to go there?

LM: The beach.

FW: Hmm. I recently saw a report that ranked schools not on where students want to go, but where employers like to hire from. Guess what the top school was - BYU.

LM: Really? Hmm.

FW: Apparently it's cheap too.

Mr. X: Hey! I went to BYU! It was cheap....That's cool.

...Awkward silence...

Coworker: Uh, Mr. X, are you Mormon?

Mr. X: Yep.


  1. BYU's only beach is Utah Lake, or the Botany Pond. Just sayin.

  2. True. Couldn't she take a beach vacation every weekend for 8 semesters and still not spend $208k though?


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