Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Calling all Public Speakers

Anyone know anyone who inspires and motivates teenagers?

The Juneau Seminary is looking for speakers for our Morningside program.

Who: Church member in good standing who enjoys speaking to youth
What: 30 - 40 minute talk on any topic given over telephone/audio conference
When: 6:00 am Alaska time, first Tuesday of the month
Where: Your home or office
Audience: High School students in Alaska's panhandle from Ketchikan AK in the south to Whitehorse YT in the north

Last year's speakers included Vai Sikahema, Thurl Bailey, Lloyd D. Newell as well as local leaders. Our CES missionaries with the sweet hook-ups went home so we're in need of suggestions and/or connections. ...I'm particularly interested in finding a few excellent female speakers but am not picky. I'm not in charge of this but was asked to help if I could.

And just for fun, if you could ask anyone, who would you have speak to the youth in your ward or stake?

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  1. I told you I thought Peggy Little or Pam Smith would be good. I've also thought about your cousins, Behka or Rick. (It might not be the best time for Behka but she sure has some great insights.)


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