Monday, October 4, 2010

Food Storage Fun

Every September in honor of preparedness month, the Juneau stake holds a food fair. It's a really great event full of fun information, tasty food and interesting demonstrations.

This year, I had ordered some snow tires and had just 25 minutes to browse the displays before I had to go to Les Schwab to pick up the wheels. I had eaten brownies for breakfast and couldn't bear to eat anything else - even though the soups, stews, bean dips, cheesecake, and cinnamon rolls looked delicious.

Really, the only thing I did was play the "name the bean" game. I wrote down my guesses to 20 different beans including mung, anasazi, yellow lentil and put my slip of paper in the box. The missionaries came up and quized me on the beans, teasing me along the way. I teased them back and said that now that I had given them the answers they better put their guesses in the box too.

So, well, yesterday I was surpised to get a call from our ever efficient Stake Food Storage Coordinator. "Sarah, you were the winner of the name the bean game. For your prize you can pick any #10 can that Walton sells."

Sweet!! I chose milk. Probably should have chosen something fancy like dehydrated strawberries though. What would you have picked?

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  1. milk is a good can make frosty's out of the milk!


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