Monday, June 7, 2010

Mt McGinnis Trail

hanging glacier above Mendenhall Glacier
Saturday was National Trails Day...what to do but hike.

We loaded up our packs with EVERYTHING we'll need for the Chilkoot: tent, Mountain House meals, stove, fuel, TP, sunscreen. Everything that is except the sleeping bags; I just plopped a dumbell in my bag instead.

Then, dreading it, we shuffled out the door. We made quick work of the West Glacier Trail and started on the Mt. McGinnis trail.

No, we didn't finish. The wind picked up, it was pouring rain, visability was worsening, and we were plunging hip deep in rotten snow on a very steep mountainside (McGinnis is used for ice climbing in winter months). We figure we hiked up between 2500' and 2700'.

Mr. X spotted a boulder cut out of the mountain without hands; I was glad it was on the next mountain over because it was doing serious damage. A stellar's jay posed for pictures. And I learned that despite my morning running, Mr. X is still in better shape.

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