Thursday, June 24, 2010

Imagine a Happier You

Deseret Media Companies recently kicked off a massive campaign to help women learn about money....and you know me, can't pass up the opportunity. The new website hosts daily financial challenges, has financial calculators, and a blog.

Imagine a Happier You will be selecting 3 women to receive financial "makeovers". IAHY will follow the women over the next year as they receive financial counseling and put the lessons to the test. The first blog post suggested that they hoped the makeovers would be similar to the popular show The Biggest Loser, where the pressure to lose weight in public is motivating.

Zions bank has even gotten in on it, sponsoring a free Smart Women, Smart Money Conference at the Salt Palace on August 19th.

I'm excited to see Imagine a Happier You, and hope that it changes the financial life of a few women.

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