Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Favorite: Friends of the Library

Saturday was National Get-Outside day...bet you thought I was going to post about a hike...but we didn't spend too much time outdoors.

The weather report called for a storm front full of wind and rain. And since I'd been claiming irresponsibilty -- kind of like insanity, only not -- for weeks and weeks, the fridge needed to be cleaned out.

There also were a couple boxes taking up the living room. One with a (quite uneven homemade) baby blanket inside, the other contained 32 pounds of books waiting to be mailed. I'd been putting them off too.

Why 32 pounds of books? Simply put we love our Friends of the Library store. We love it so much we like to send it to our friends and family. You might recall that Mr. X's nieces and nephews received over 50 lbs of books last year. This box was headed for friends/family by marriage in Nashville.

Saturday at high noon, we delivered the boxes to the Auke Bay post office and immediately after went to Friends. Much to my chagrin, as soon as I walked into the store I spotted a book that I'd seen in pictures of a flooded Nashville apartment. For $0.25 I couldn't not get it. Hmm. Hope they don't mind that it's got Jerrod's name all over it.


  1. wait you might need that, can't you see Russia?

  2. We love friends of the library sales. We used to go to the sale they had in Springville during Art City days but they had it during the work day for A.J. this year so we didn't go. We should go to Orem Library though and see what they have.

    I need to clean my fridge too! I keep putting it off. Lots of other things to do that are much more exciting than cleaning the fridge...

  3. a cost analysis on this would be interesting...
    buy that many books on ebay / amazon, etc and get free shipping - or save on book price and pay through the nose for shipping....

  4. Ummm..... $$$$$ + eternity = SLOW "Media Rate"
    $0 + quick turnaround = Amazon.com's FREE shipping = PRICELESS



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