Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July

I had big plans, but when it came down to it, I just needed a day to rest.

So we watched movies and I made food and then I saw a little black bear cub walk by.

Mr. X and I went outside to watch him wander down the street. After he disappeared from sight we headed back inside. On the way, I noticed that our garbage cans were unlocked, so I locked them up and noticed the cub was staring at me from around the corner of the house (i.e. within 10 feet). Thankfully he turned and walked away. We watched him climb the neighbor's fence, gnaw on some antlers stacked on the wood pile, completely ignore the chicken coop and then come back and try to break into our garbage cans. He worked really hard on the black can, and got it half-way open since the latch is faulty, but not enough to get his snack. Eventually he wandered away.

Kinda fun we didn't have to go anywhere beyond the front door to get our wildlife viewing.

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