Friday, October 5, 2012

Whitehorse (again) and Haines Junction

Thursday afternoon we headed back into town. Well, first we had to wait for Mr. X to change his pants and for he and Mom to de-fur their clothes and clean their shoes. Apparently, the dogs in the yard, were very excited to see them. Not sure how I got off so easy.

We bought Subway for lunch and although the wind was still blowing, it was warm, so we sat in the Peace park and then walked along the Yukon river, near the SS Klondike.

We also got the car washed. After driving the Atlin road, the car was pretty gross. I don't mind dust but the road crew had sprayed an anti-dust salt so the car was really grimey. Oh, and I had read about tranplanting invasive species by not frequently washing you car along the Alaska hwy. At the car wash I finally spent my Canadian money. Mr. X had given me C$10 nine years ago for Christmas because he know I was (supposed to be) going to Victoria with my mom; we took a different trip, so I'd been holding onto the cash for nearly a decade.

We also watched the Visitor Center movie and took Mr. X to Canadian Tire. For whatever reason that was the priority on his travel checklist. He was about as excited about it as REI or Cabelas. We had looked for short list Breyers at the grocery store and walmart and it was nowhere to be found. Disappointed, we went to McDonald's and were told their ice cream machine was broken -- on a day that was 75 degrees and everyone was out in tank tops!

In the late afternoon we took to the highway for the two hour drive to Haines Junction. This was probably the least scenic area that we drove through. Where before we felt like we were driving into an oil painting, this area was a little less inspiring - until we glimpsed the Kluane range.

Two elk herds are supposed to reside in this area, but we didn't see any. The only wildlife we spotted were a couple of ground squirrels.

When we arrived in Haines Junction, we found the Kluane Green Sprout easily enough, but we couldn't get in to the B&B. Our cell phones wouldn't work here. Fortunately, there was still a working pay phone at the defunct grocery store and we were able get ahold of the caretaker and get a code to get in the door.
The Kluane Green Sprout is a beautiful, modern building. The bottom floor of the building appears to be an aparment, the second floor houses a granite tile entry, bathroom with washer and dryer and two comfortable bedrooms (one queen, one full). We were glad for the washer and dryer. Our dog clothes needed a double rinse.
On the third floor is a full kitchen stocked with all the utencils needed for cooking, plus cereals, muffin mixes, spices, oils, coffee, teas, peanut butter, jams, popcorn. In the fridge we found fruit for smoothies, eggs, and the next day we received fresh bread, creamer, and juice.

In the living room, the top of the wall is cut out and a "picture window" installed; this window perfectly frames the mountains towering over town. They provided plenty of magazines as well as some Kluane hiking guides which Mr. X used to plan our next two days.


  1. So much fun! I need to come visit.

  2. Seriously so cool. I'd love to take this journey! What a cool B&B!


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