Friday, October 19, 2012

Alaska Day - random happenings

Yesterday was Alaska day; the day we celebrate the transfer of Alaska from Russia.

It was a good day for swapping the summer tires for the winter tires. It was also the perfect day for the floor jack to go sideways for the first time; thankfully it jammed under the car so the car didn't come all the way down. Mr. X retightened the lug nuts, and we started over.

In the afternoon, we walked to Nugget Falls having a sucker hole follow us the whole way. Nice to not get snained on. The Glacier appears to be out of the lake on the West side as it continues its retreat. We'll see how long before it's completely high and dry...I'm guessing we have one more summer.

I also spent some time cooking. Mr. X decided he wanted to try going vegan -- I've convinced him to eat chicken a couple times a week, since I don't think it's a great idea for him right now, but he's encouraging me to have fun with squash and millet and tofu. Okay, not tofu. I couldn't find it at the store (really! I've also never found tahini and cleaned them out of cayenne pepper). I'm not convinced I want to go vegan, but I can handle having a few new tasty recipes. I'm using the Part-time Vegan as my reference for now.

And my skis arrived. Boy, that sounds weird. I spent some of my PFD this year on X-country skis. We'll have two decent sets this year; hopefully that means Mr. X and I will get out together.

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