Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shrine - Herbert Glacier - Eagle Beach

There is a couple in our ward who moved here for the rain. No kidding. When they talked to Mr. X they said, "We wanted to live some place dark and cold." Mr. X asked, "What? Are you vampires?"

 They spent the winter working like mad and don't have their own car so they'd not be out-the-road. Sunday after church we picked them up and we spent the evening driving around.

First we stopped at the shrine to look at seals and tidepools. W and S tried out the labrynth.

Next we spent about a half hour walking through the woods on the Herbert Glacier Trail. This trail is flat and well drained so it's perfect for bicycling or Sunday walks.

We ended the evening at Eagle beach admiring the view of the Chilkat mountains across the canal.

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